Welcome to Sangha Community Acupuncture

Sangha means “community” in Sanskrit, pronounced sung-gha.

At Sangha Community Acupuncture (SCA), our goal is to make acupuncture affordable and available as often as needed to maintain wellness. We realize that soaring healthcare costs prevent many from proactively managing their health. In a community setting, multiple patients receive treatment simultaneously allowing treatment at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. Treatments take place in a comfortable and peaceful setting where patients can come together to heal. Acupuncture is most effective on a frequent and regular basis to promote the flow of qi (energy) throughout the body to restore balance, which leads to healing.

By pricing on a sliding scale we are able to keep treatments affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Treatments are priced from $25 to $45, plus an additional $10 consultation fee on your first visit. We understand that everyone’s situation differs; therefore, we ask that you pay what you can afford.  We work on an honor system and never ask for proof of income.

We look forward to working with you and hope you will spread the word to friends, co-workers, and family.